Liquid Diet for Short Run Weight Loss Plan

Combating the regular calorie intake is the key to achieving a rapid and regular weight loss. That’s exactly what a liquid diet does. Usually, a liquid diet consists of non-solid food such as fresh fruit juice, soups or milkshake. Liquid diets serve two main purposes; they clean your internal system by detoxifying and also supports rapid weight loss. Further, liquid diets are recommended for those who suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from eating solid food; especially after surgeries.

Experiments have found that in order to lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Liquid diets help weight loss because they are very low in calories. Since the intake of calories and fat is minimal or zero, when you are totally on a liquid diet, it would show a rapid weight loss. Further, liquid diets consisting of fresh fruits and vegetable juice rich in vitamins and minerals which is essential for your body, and also with cancer-fighting nutrition.

There’s a common misunderstanding about liquid diets. Most people think that liquid diets consist only of water, milk, and soup. However, this is far from the truth. You can make liquid diets a very delightful, tasty option when you add some fresh fruit juices such as watermelon, pineapple, etc… If you fancy something more spicy and savory; you can also try chicken soup. Nonfat yogurt and sugar-free ice cream can also be a part of a liquid diet plan. Fat and sugar can help in increasing the calorie level in your body, which in turn will gain more weight. Therefore, the liquid diet to be effective for weight loss, you have to prevent from consuming fat and sugar. Further, note that smoothies are also a good option for liquid diets. Smoothies can be made of a wide variety of fruits, and there are many different receipts those you can try, so that your liquid diet may become more entertaining.

Risks of liquid diets

Liquid diets can help weight loss in the short run, however, it’s not a recommended method for weight loss due to several reasons:

  • As soon as you stop liquid diets and go back to normal diet, you will start gaining weight. So it’s only short term and not an effective means for weight loss.
  • Limiting to liquid diets can make you deficient of essential nutrition such as protein.

Due to these risks, a liquid diet should be undertaken upon medical supervision. There are several types of liquid diets which are medically supervised and produced commercially. Usually, these diets consist of liquid diets followed by meal replacement products, so that they ensure while supporting rapid weight loss, you maintain the required nutrition levels in your body.


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