Lose Weight Through Mind Control

If you had been thinking that mind control works to influence you in your studies, achieve success in life, improve your relationships and get out of addictions, you need to rethink. Mind control has a wonderful role to play in all aspects of your life right from your studies to how you age. Did I mention weight loss? Yes, you can lose weight by mind control techniques. Here you go.

Using Your Mind Control To Lose Weight

The powers of the mind are limitless. You would have noticed that an achiever, in any area of life, be it sports or politics, has a wonderful mind control. While everyone has the mind power, it is only those who use it achieve success. Using mind control techniques can make your life, your atmosphere, your relationship, your financial status and of course, your health better. It may seem simple and it is simple if you start practicing it. It may seem so simple that you would wonder if it would work. Well, doubt not, it works for everyone.

1) Don’t Hope, Believe That You Have Achieved

It is all good to hope but to make things happen, you need to believe. Not just believe that it would happen; you need to believe that it has happened. Well, you are looking to lose weight. Believe that you have lost weight and achieved your weight loss goal. It may initially seem a tough task considering the fact that your mirror keeps reminding you. For once, ignore the saying ‘Seeing is believing’; reverse it to say ‘Believing is seeing’. Yes, you believe that you are slim and healthy and you will see the results in your mirror.

2) Visualize Yourself In Your Dream Size

How will you look like once you have shed the excess fat? Visualize yourself in a dress that is a few sizes lesser than what you wear now and imagine yourself to be comfortable wearing it. In short, visualize yourself as wearing apparel that highlights your slim waistline. Not a vague visualization if you want to achieve success. Sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and watch yourself in the slim-sized dress. Start imagining yourself to be walking to your wardrobe, picking up the dress, wearing it comfortably, and going out of the room as your spouse gives you an admiring look. Let the imagination be detailed including the color, design and the size of the dress. Practice this technique at least twice a day, once in the morning immediately after you wake up and once at night before you go to sleep.

 3) Use Affirmations

 Your subconscious mind can do wonders for you if you know how to tap the resources within. When people talk about being positive, their suggestions sound vague, though the intentions are good. If someone tells you to stand in front of the mirror and repeat that you are slim so that your mind will make it happen, do you think it would? Definitely not, because as you keep telling you are slim, your mirror reflects the reality and hence your mind does not believe in what you say. Even, you yourself will not be able to say it with conviction. Hence, to make things happen, use affirmations. In affirmations, there is no need for you to make your mind to believe in your statement. All you need to do is to trigger it to find an answer to a question you pose. For example, you may ask, “Why I look slim and healthy?” Your subconscious mind starts looking for an answer to your question. Once you set your subconscious mind going this way, you will soon find your efforts matching its answers and the outcome is you minus the excess fat.

Patience Pays

There is no shortcut to success. To achieve your weight loss goal, you need to practice whatever you do with conviction. Just as you exercise your body to shed extra fat, exercise your mind to produce results. Once you use mind control to lose weight, you are sure to find the results amazing that you will start exercising mind control for every need in your life.


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