6 Simple Eating Tips For Weight Loss

If your weight has been weighing down on your mind, it is high time you considered rescheduling your life. The fast-paced world throws so many challenges at you and as you get busy to brave such challenges, you forget the very essence of life and that is healthy living. The quality of life matters the most and once you ensure quality, longevity will follow through. To ensure quality, you need to maintain perfect weight and should not gain even an inch more than is required around your waistline. With simple changes in lifestyle, you could lose extra weight. Here are 6 eating tips for weight loss.

1) Healthy Start – Have A Hearty Breakfast

 Having healthy breakfast not only helps you to carry the day, it also prevents you from reaching for unhealthy food later in the day. Setting out for work with an empty stomach is not the best way to go about if you aim to lose weight.

2) Size Matters – Small Plates; Smaller Portions

 Leave the over-sized plates for your guests. Reach for smaller plates, which will directly control your quantity of intake however tempting the taste may be. Your food might appear lesser in quantity when you eat from a large sized plate. You need to play it psychologically as well if you hope to achieve weight loss. Avoid eating directly from the food container, as you will not be able to assess the quantity of intake.

 3) Focus On Eating, When You Eat

 While you are on the table, pay attention to what you eat. Enjoy your food, focus on how it smells, tastes and feels. Avoid serious discussions while eating.

4) Chew Your Food, More The Better

 The hectic schedule, appointments for the day and meetings ahead might make you grab a quick meal. You tend to swallow it all up and head for the door. While the appointments or the meetings cannot wait, you could advance the time you wake up thereby arriving at the table to have a comfortable and relaxed breakfast. Chewing the food thoroughly helps with digestion and it also prevents you from asking for more.

5) Learn To Say ‘No’ When Your Tongue Still Wants

How much ever tempting it might be, it is best to say ‘no’ when your stomach is still half-full. Eating to fill your stomach completely is in itself over-eating. Do not wait for your brain to call the shots as it takes time for your brain to receive the warning signal. Practice moving away from the table when you are still ‘not full’.

6) Practice Stress-Free Eating

 Statistics show that eating pattern is terribly affected while a person is under stress. Initially, acute stress might result in loss of appetite for a short term but chronic stress results in increased appetite and this leads to stress-stimulated weight gain. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and so on to keep your mind stress-free. Eating should be a pleasure while it serves the purpose.

Obesity is becoming a serious health concern. Various medical conditions are associated with obesity. Hence, it is essential that you maintain weight appropriate for your age, gender, and medical condition. There are various ways to lose weight and you need to go for the one that addresses your needs. Practice the above-mentioned eating tips for weight loss to stay in good shape.


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