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How to Motivate Yourself When You Are Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight involves changing your diet, adhering to a strict exercise routine, and resisting the temptation to eat high-calorie food. While following this routine is essential for a person determined to lose a significant amount of weight, it is sometimes challenging to keep yourself motivated for a long time especially if you do not seem to be making any progress in your weight loss treatment. Lack of motivation will automatically delay your plans to shed off the extra weight and in worst cases cause some weight gain if not checked in time.  Luckily, motivation is something you can work towards improving using the following ways.

Define your Reasons for Losing Weight

Most people will jump into a weight loss program without defining proper reasons for embarking on the journey. Everyone has their reasons for losing weight, but you have to point them out and write them down before starting your routine. Some of the reasons include fitting in your favourite dinner dress, reducing your risk of getting high blood pressure, or looking your best for an upcoming event. Taking a quick look at them on a daily basis will keep you motivated for a very long time.

Develop a Plan

Every activity requires proper planning for it to succeed, and losing weight is no exempt. Therefore, you should develop clear-cut goals of what you intend to achieve and how you will achieve. This includes both long-term and short-term goals. For example, you can consider losing at least 2 pounds per week and eventually 10% of your body fat percentage in three months. Your exercise routine should also fit your lifestyle to ensure you stick to it for a long time without giving up.

Reward yourself after Reaching a Milestone

Positive reinforcement is a perfect way of keeping your attitude high for a very long time. You can choose to take a bubble bath every time you lose two pounds or go to the movies after achieving your monthly targets. Taking pride in your achievements and celebrating them is not only going to raise your spirits, but it will keep the fire burning for a very long time.

Visualizing how you would Look after Weight Loss

Take a short mind trip and try to imagine yourself wearing that dinner dress that you have been eyeing for long. Creating a hypothetical situation of the person you would like to become will automatically help you align your behaviour according to the perfect image in your mind. It will also keep you motivated towards achieving your weight loss goals. However, you should avoid comparing yourself to others at all costs if you want to make significant weight changes.

Motivation to achieve and a positive attitude towards the weight loss is all you need to attain your goals. Weight loss is a personal journey that involves a lot of effort and discipline. Some people will fall out of the way at some point, but it is easy to stay on track by following all tips above. Remember everyone’s body is unique and what works for another person may not work for you, so you should find a weight loss program that suit you best.


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