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How Much Exercise Should You Do To Lose Weight?

Frequent exercising and eating well is a relative term used by many people on weight loss programs in singapore. However, most people do not have an idea of how much exercise they need to do to lose their target weight or how much they need to eat to keep their waistlines in check. Everyone is different, and people respond differently to exercise and diet. Therefore, you may consider following an exercise routine that works for your body type rather than following what someone else is doing.

Exercise takes more of a U-shaped association where too much workout or too little of it would be harmful to your body. Too much exercise leads to a release of two stress-related hormones: cortisol and CRH. It also leaves you with a high risk of injury. High levels of CRH increases the permeability of lungs, skin, and intestinal walls while cortisol hormone reduces gut mobility, accelerates ageing, reduces production of mucus, and lowers the immune function. Too little exercise, on the other hand, increases chances of getting heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. Therefore, it is essential to maintain healthy exercise levels without going to the extremes.

There is no standard answer to how much exercise that one should do to lose weight since the body responds differently to workouts. However, most trainers recommend 150-300 minutes of exercise a week depending on some factors, which include:

The Type of Exercise

Cardio exercises are essential if you intend to lose weight faster, but you should combine that with strength training if you want to reap maximum benefits from your workouts. Strength training builds muscles and reduces fat in the body. A higher muscle mass increases the metabolism rate, burning more calories even when you are resting. Cardio exercises vary from moderate to high activity workouts with the latter burning more calories in the body. Therefore, you will take longer to lose 10 pounds if you only engage in moderate exercise than you would with the intense workouts. Moderate workouts include brisk walking, yoga, or cycling while the vigorous exercise includes activities such as running, rapid rowing, or fast teams sports such as soccer


You will need to work out more if you live a sedentary lifestyle to reduce the risk of catching lifestyle-related diseases. For example, a teacher who spends most of her time standing in a classroom tends to burn more calories than an office manager seated in the office throughout the day. Remember that working out should not take more than one hour, so you may consider squeezing a few minutes of your day to keep fit and burn a few calories.

Current Weight

Overweight people burn calories faster than people with a standard weight since their bodies require more energy to function. Therefore, you can start your weight loss program by doing cardio exercise for a few minutes followed by toning workouts to burn fat and build muscles. You can then increase the amount of time that you spend as you continue to lose more weight


A healthy calorie moderated diet paired with a good exercise routine is the common recipe for a successful weight loss. You should always calculate your daily calorie intake and aim at burning all of that in your workouts. Remember that the body requires energy to perform optimally so you should create a balance between the calories consumed and the ones burnt during exercise.


Weight loss is a journey that begins the moment you develop the right attitude and the will to burn more calories. It is not a one-month activity, but it takes time and patience. Therefore, if you intend to start a weight loss program, then you must be willing to take time, learn what works for your body and be ready to use it to your advantage. Remember over exercising will do more harm than good to your body, so you should do it in moderation.


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