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How To Minimise Loose Skin After Major Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very important process to better living and a healthy lifestyle. Even so, the worries of having to live with loose skin after weight loss are very common. This should not be the case as there are a number of ways one can minimize this after a weight loss program.  There are two layers under the skin, fat and muscle tissues. These layers keep the skin taut. When one gains weight, the skin surface increases in order to accommodate the increased amount of fats. The process of weight loss helps to reduce the increased amount of fat tissues, but the skin surface area remains the same and results in sagging skin. We look at some ways to prevent ugly, saggy skin.

Drink Enough Water
Water is very important during and after the weight loss period. It not only keeps you well hydrated, but also plumps your skin thus reducing its propensity to hanging once you’ve completed the weight loss program. Adequate hydration also prevents fluid retention, and this ensures you get a proper weight reading each time you weigh in.

Have Adequate Exercise
Proper and regular exercise is important as it helps in the creation of more muscle tissue. Always perform exercise routines such as jogging, walking, swimming and bicycle riding. You can also have some strength-training like weight-lifting and use of resistance bands. Working out helps keep your skin taut and looking good. Gaining more muscle will fill in the space left by the lost fat.

Diet the Right and Recommended Way
The health of your skin depends mostly on your diet. You will need to take in foods rich in all nutrients but low in sugar and fat. Too much sugar is not good for your skin. Taking more vegetables and fruits will add Vitamin C to your body. Vitamin C assists your body to make more collagen, the fibre tissue that supports the skin structure.

Stop Smoking
Recent research has revealed that smoking does have a negative effect on one’s skin. It makes the restructuring of your skin slower and tempers with your skin’s elasticity. For a better and vibrant skin, it is good to avoid cigarettes.

Take Good Care of your Skin
There are a number of ways to take good care of your skin. Always keep your skin clean by taking a shower at least once daily. This helps clear your pores and ensures proper circulation. Always protect your skin from excess sunlight with sunblock. You can choose to jog early in the morning or later in the evening.

Other considerations
In extreme cases where these methods cannot be used to reduce loose skin, surgery is recommended. However, surgery is only performed when all other methods fail to yield results. Plastic surgery helps lift the hanging skin and tighten it.

All the above ways will assist you to achieve that well-toned and taut skin you desire. As mentioned, you only need to keep fit, eat healthy, take adequate water and take care of your skin. Worry less and undertake your weight loss process peacefully and happily. Also, if you partake in an effective slimming treatment package or singapore’s best weight loss program, loose skin should not be an issue as they will guide you through every stage of your weight loss journey.



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