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How to Lose Weight without Much Exercising

It takes effort and convincing to decide you want to lose weight. For some, situations lead to such a decision. Maybe you went to a clothes store, and none of the beautiful dresses could fit you. You started cursing all the designers for being so mean. Why can’t they design clothes for your body type? You ask. Or you are always trying to catch your breath even after a lazy walk in the park?

You think everyone including the government is to blame for your current situation. No. It’s time you stopped complaining, cursing and take charge of your life. The clothes you saw can fit comfortable if you are not lugging those extra pounds. You can take the stairs without gasping for breath. And you know what? You don’t have to wait until you are done with the babies. Don’t convince yourself that you will start shedding weight after your procreation mission is over. That kind of procrastination will make it even harder for those pounds to melt. The following tips will help support your weight loss program without exercising:

Eating right is one of the most significant steps towards a healthy living. Weight loss aside, the right diet will help you prevent lifestyle diseases and promote a healthy system. You will reduce your visits to the doctor and live a more fulfilled life. Diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease are because of the food you eat.

How does diet affect your weight? It starts at the supermarket and your grocery store. What types of food do you go for when shopping? Opting for organic rather than processed types of food will complement your weight loss journey. How much food do you eat in a single sitting? If you overindulge and eat food for two, then not even a weight loss treatment will help you achieve your goals. The body can only take the required food. The rest will be converted to fats and stored, thus making all your weight loss efforts futile.

Serve food in small portions and from all food classes. Increase the vegetables and fruits. Take more water especially before and after meals. Reduce the carbohydrates and watch your protein levels. Weight loss Singapore professionals can help you come up with the right meal plan for your BMI. Stick to it, and you will see the results.

No meat
Meat and weight loss do not go together. If you love your meals with a chunk of meat, you will have to sacrifice that to see any results. Meat is made up of two components: fat and protein.  Meat, whether processed or organic has saturated fats that will clog your arteries especially if taken over an extended period. Therefore, apart from frustrating your fitness efforts, consuming meat is also harmful to your heart. Though protein is fundamental to your health, you can get the same nutritional value from eating plant proteins. Experiment with foods such as lentils, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds among others. Substitute them with meat and incorporate them into your diet. You will start noticing the change in your weight. Your waistline will start decreasing, and you will stop panting after a light exercise.

No dairy
Are you wondering why you have to drop all the ‘great foods’ to lose weight? It may be quite difficult to do away with some of these foods but have you considered the benefits? Look at it this way; consuming dairy products increases your chances of getting lifestyle diseases and increasing your weight. You will get digestive problems if you consume too much dairy products. Casein, the major protein in dairy can affect your digestive system.

If your digestive system is not at its optimal, the result will be an increase in your weight. Dairy products also affect the acid and alkaline balance. A spike in the acidity levels in your system will affect your digestive system hence slowing down your weight loss efforts.

Lactose intolerance will also delay your weight loss journey. This occurs when your body does not produce adequate lactase, an enzyme responsible for digesting the lactose in your milk. The result will be bloating, too much gas and consequently affect your gut. Dairy has high levels of fats and sugar, making it a bad food choice for people on a weight loss treatment. Consider replacing the dairy products with foods such as salmon which has high levels of calcium, vitamin C, A, protein and iron.

You do not have to exercise to lose the pounds. It is possible to get the kind of body you desire. However, you must be willing to make drastic lifestyle changes that will make your efforts worthwhile. You can start your weight loss program with the tips above and monitor your progress. Remember to stick to your meal plans and be consistent.


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