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Foods That Make You Feel Full Longer

If you want to lose weight in a healthy manner, you should start by eating fibre rich foods along with lots of protein. This way you can easily reduce your calorie intake without reducing your food intake. Foods high in protein and fibre have lesser calories and you can eat lots of food without getting fat. At the same time, avoid only eating protein bars or shakes; eating real food helps make you feel fuller for a longer time.

The following are a few foods that help in making you feel fuller for longer so you do not have to eat a lot of food:

All nuts are healthy as they consist of good fatty acids, essential vitamins and antioxidants. But pistachios are considered the healthiest of them all as they have the lowest fat content and consist of very few calories. Apart from that, they are very healthy for your cardiovascular system because the fats in pistachios are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Non-Starchy Vegetables
There is no such thing as zero calorie food. Vegetables like carrots, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage and celery contain calories, even if it is a minuscule number and a large portion of water and fibre. Foods that are rich in fibre also help you feel fuller for a longer time. This is the main reason the best slimming treatment consists of eating lots of non-starchy vegetables.   

Another type of food that helps you lose weight in a healthy manner is dairy products. They consist of healthy nutrients like probiotics. Some dairy products make you hungrier while cheese helps you remain fuller for a longer time. Calcium in cheese helps you lose weight as it helps in producing more muscle mass. It also helps in boosting and maintaining your metabolism, hence burning calories efficiently. Most of the diet plans from the best weight loss programs in singapore will include cheese.

If you have a sweet tooth and often find yourself binging on foods like brownies and ice-cream, try switching to raspberries. They are rich in fibre and consist of only 60 calories. Moreover, you can also make smoothies or add them in your salad. Raspberries are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help in getting rid of cancer-causing radicals.  

Greek Yogurt
Another healthy snack that you should add to your diet is Greek yogurt. It is a great source of protein. Compared to plain yogurt, it has double the amount of protein. Apart from that, a single bowl can provide you with 20% of your daily requirement of calcium. To make Greek yogurt more exciting, you can always add in a few fruits, nuts or whole grain cereal. This way you can eat food that is low in sugar and high in fibre. If you are not a fan of Greek yogurt you can always eat 2% yogurt as it is creamier but without the additional calories as full-fat yoghurt.

These are some of the foods that keep you full and satisfied for a long time as they are rich in fibre. This is the main reason there are fixtures of diet plans from any weight loss program in Singapore.


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