Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

According to a recent report by TIME magazine, losing weight and getting fitter is the most commonly broken New Year’s resolution. Weight loss is not an entirely inconceivable New Year’s resolution, but people often set very hard goals for themselves. Many of them simply start off from where they left earlier, without assessing important fitness indicators.

If you have made a weight loss resolution, follow it up with a careful planning of your diet and exercise. Here are a few ways that will help you stick to your resolution to lose weight.

Share the resolution with everyone

Firstly, this is because sharing it helps you feel positive and proud of yourself for having taken this step. You could even find a workout buddy to accompany to the slimming center singapore! More importantly, sharing your weight loss resolution widely will make you accountable to your community. Going forward, you can even share your post-workout pictures with your friends and family to get support and appreciation from them. This will help keep you motivated.

Make systematic changes to your routine

Losing weight is not just about creating a calorie deficit, which in itself is difficult to maintain. By cutting out some foods from your diet indiscriminately, you could be running the risk of muscle loss. Consult your doctor and your dietician for a customized diet plan. Adopt a disciplined lifestyle and make healthy choices. In order to stick to your New Year’s resolution, create a strict daily schedule and stick to it.

Join a slimming centre

Embarking on a self-designed fitness program is often difficult. Monotony or lack of discipline may creep in. Instead, join a slimming centre for regular advice on diet and workout. Fitness centres have equipment to train different parts of the body. Moreover, you will be able to track your progress and be answerable to your trainer.

Visualize results as much as possible

Better looks and increased cardiovascular fitness are the primary motivations behind a weight loss resolution. Visualize how you will look and feel upon attaining a fitness goal. Get posters with inspirational quotes and pictures of your role models and put them up in your home.

Reward yourself for losing weight

You should plan both short-term and long-term rewards for losing weight. Financial incentives help keep you motivated to continue your weight loss regimen. Join a community that offers rewards for going to the gym, but charges a penalty for missing a session. Examples of long-term rewards include shopping sprees, dream vacations and the like. Allow yourself to buy clothes after reaching different stages in your weight loss journey.

Try alternative slimming methods

Losing weight by exercising often seems hard to achieve, mostly for exceedingly overweight people. In fact, drastic muscle loss and fatigue can offset your weight loss plans. Alternative slimming methods can be more practical, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, which combines a number of techniques. TCM slimming works by restoring the body’s qi balance. This way, you not only lose weight, but get several other health benefits.

Lastly, be ready to forgive yourself for any mess-ups. Acknowledge the fact that you are only human, and expect some indiscipline or slips. Getting depressed over it and breaking your resolution is not the way. You can even take a small break and start all over again.


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