All You Need to Know about Cupping for Weight Loss

As you age, your metabolism starts to slow down. After 25, your body starts to lose two very important fat burning tissues—brown fat and muscle. As a result, fat becomes so stubborn that conventional weight loss program cannot help burn the fat. Alternatively, you can try cupping. It is an effective slimming treatment singapore method that works by way of restoring the body’s qi movement.

Cupping is a part of the larger Traditional Chinese Medicine and it works well with methods like acupuncture and diet management. Read here everything you need to know about cupping for weight loss.

Why cupping for weight loss?

Cupping provides effective slimming treatment since it stimulates acupressure points and runs them along the body’s lymphatic lines. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that excess fat and slow metabolism are a result of stagnant qi. The restricted movement of qi results in ‘dampness’; which is caused by an ill-functioning spleen and liver.

Cupping is a suction-based therapy, and it helps to remove damp stagnation from the body. This is followed by a rupturing of stubborn fat, which is subsequently flushed out of the system.

The process

The techniques and materials used in cupping have seen improvements in the recent years. Slimming treatment centers often combine treatments like acupuncture for faster and healthier weight loss.

The process involves creating negative pressure on the patient’s skin and moving the cups steadily all over the area. The practitioner creates this negative pressure by introducing a flame in the cup. The cup is then placed on the back, and it creates suction for the skin and muscle tissue. This could create a temporary welt on the back.

The principle behind the process is to create an environment of stagnation in the back. This triggers a reaction for the body’s qi to start its free movement again.

Cupping types

There are broadly two kinds of cupping:

Dry cupping

In this, a flame or any other burning object is inserted into the cup before inverting the cup on the patient’s body. The process of using flames during cupping could result in serious burns, if not administered properly. Hence, make sure you get the procedure done by an experienced physician and not by any slimming therapist.

Wet cupping

This is a much stronger cupping technique. Here, suction is punctuated with strategic bleeding to release toxic blood. It could also be combined with acupuncture, where the practitioner will use needles. The cuts heal in a few days and there is no scarring.

Ask your cupping center whether your preferred method is available.

Does cupping provide immediate results?

weight loss program singapore is not the only objective of cupping. It achieves weight loss by stress alleviation, elimination of water retention, toxin removal, stimulation of digestion and so on. The therapist will recommend the number of sessions needed for your unique weight loss requirement.

When to avoid cupping

TCM slimming treatments are holistic methods for weight loss. However, just like with drastic exercise and diet changes, one should exercise caution with cupping. Cupping is not advised for patients with or prone to skin ulcers or edema. It is not suitable for pregnant women and patients with fever. Mild discomfort after cupping, or burns and bruises for a short period of time are common.

Choose your cupping center carefully. Look them up online and read customer reviews. Go for a slimming center that has experienced TCM specialists on board.


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