Slow Jog – The Best Way to Lose Weight

It is known that regular exercise is one of the key factors, along with adequate rest and proper nutrition strategy, to lose weight. Exercise can be categorized into two types: strength training and endurance training. Strength training focuses to train your skeletal muscle; and often being performed by bodybuilder to increase the size and strength of their muscle. On the other hand, endurance training is the type which is suitable for those who would like to lose weight.

What is endurance training?

Endurance training is a type of training which enhances the capacity of human body to increase the efficiency of oxygen utilization to burn more fat during exercise. Due to this effect, endurance training is also termed as aerobic exercise. During endurance training, the ability of mitochondria to burn calorie will be enhanced; as more fat will be used during the exercise. Endurance training also helps to burn fat into energy faster than strength training.

What are the examples of endurance training?

There are several examples of endurance training, such as swimming, jogging, and cycling. All of them are beneficial for those who would like to lose weight if performed regularly.

Which one will help me to burn calorie faster?

You can do any of those endurance training. When you do endurance training, the intensity of the exercise can be measured by measuring MHR or Maximum Heart Rate. The best endurance training should be done in around 60 – 80% MHR. Slow jogging is termed as one of the best ways to burn your stored fat into calories to be used as a fuel to do the exercise.

Why slow jog is the best type of endurance training to lose weight?

When you do slow jog, your MHR will be around the range of 60 – 80%. The indication of this is that you are still able to converse but will not be able to sing properly. Performing aerobic exercise below this rate will burn calories slowly while performing aerobic exercise above this rate will burn carbohydrate instead of your stored fat. Therefore, slow jog is termed as the best aerobic exercise to lose weight.


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