Overcoming The Plateau: 4 Tips To Resume Your Weight Loss

Overcoming The Plateau: 4 Tips To Resume Your Weight Loss

Weight loss rarely, if ever, occurs without putting in the effort to make it happen. As such, lifestyle changes such as cutting out sweets and unnecessary calories, eating more greens, and regular exercise are highly recommended for those who want to lose the extra pounds. However, after your body adjusts to these new changes, it’s not unusual for your scale to show minimal to no changes in your weight for weeks or more.

Weight loss plateau is a common occurrence that happens to nearly everyone who wants to lose weight. Experiencing it can be somewhat demotivating, potentially affecting one’s determination to persevere with their programs. Thankfully, breaking out of this plateau is not impossible nor challenging, and here are four practical ways to resume your progress once more.

Switch up your fitness routine

Suppose you’ve been following the same fitness routine for weeks now. In that case, it’s only natural that your body will become accustomed to the usual physical activities and become more efficient at performing them. If your body reaches this point, it doesn’t have to work as hard as before, which means fewer calories are burned.

Therefore, the solution is simple: take on more challenging workouts that prompt your body to do more work. A few ways to achieve this are by increasing your fitness routine’s intensity, decreasing your rest time, or completely overhauling certain aspects of it, such as substituting reps to continuing until failure (wherein your muscles are no longer capable of completing another repetition).

Add in strength training to your workouts

It’s proven that your body’s muscle tissues burn more calories than fat even while at rest. As such, adding strength training to your workouts is another excellent way to break through your weight loss plateau. Some of the most popular strength training exercises include push-ups, weightlifting, or using resistance bands.

Start small, and don’t force yourself to take on more intensive routines to avoid injury. Follow guidelines on how to build up muscle for a certain exercise and then gradually increase the intensity while finding the perfect balance between challenging and doable.

Include more protein in your diet

Adding more protein to your diet can jumpstart your weight loss progress in several ways, namely:

a) Higher calorie consumption

Compared to carbohydrates or fats, our bodies require more calories to digest proteins fully.

b) Surge in satiety hormones

A diet with a higher protein count can provide you with greater satiety, curbing your appetite for an extended amount of time and diminishing the need to eat.

c) Protects against muscle loss

More muscle tissue means more calories burned and a higher metabolic rate.

When following this advice, keep in mind to only increase your intake for your lifestyle if necessary. As an example, for the average adult that performs minimal physical activities, it’s recommended to eat at least .8 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight daily.

Otherwise, for the more active ones, it’s necessary to intake more to promote muscle growth.

Track your caloric intake

Another possible reason why your weight loss progress may have stalled is due to your eating habits. It’s easy to underestimate how much one is eating when one is stressed or tired in day-to-day life, which can prompt extra calories to find their way into your diet sneakily.

Therefore, tracking your caloric intake is essential to determine if you’re still within your daily limits. Keep a journal with you throughout the day, record everything you eat or drink along, and do your best to determine their calorie portions as well accurately.

Along with those data, it’s also best to jot down the times of day when you consume them and how you feel when you eat. Once you have enough written down, identify any unhealthy eating habits and develop healthier alternatives that will sate any cravings you may have.


Slimming down starts with yourself and your determination to achieve your ideal weight. However, sometimes, plateaus are inevitable and require extra effort, help, or both to breakthrough. Apart from the tips mentioned above, why not include a supplementary TCM slimming program that can help you get out of your weight loss rut and accelerate your progress?

If you’re looking to try out TCM slimming in Singapore, look no further than Slim Couture. We are regarded as the best slimming centre on the island thanks to our effective and safe weight loss programs that rely on traditional Chinese medicine. The medicine helps you lose those extra pounds faster, all without any side effects that other methods typically have.


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