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Last Stop: 5 Tips & Tricks To Lose Those Last Few Pounds

You’ve pushed through exhausting workout sessions, tracked your calories seriously, and given up your favourite cheat meal to eat a healthy diet – yet those last few pounds can’t seem to go away! When you’ve come a long way and finally hit those last few pounds wall, making some simple changes to your workout routine or your diet meal plan can be extremely helpful.

If you are one of those people with a long-term weight loss goal, you probably know how amazing it feels to see your hard work reflected on the weighing scale – and how frustrating it is to see that a certain number get stuck just a few pounds away from your target weight! Get rid of your frustrations by checking out these 5 tips and tricks you can try to finally shed those last few pounds.

Lift weights

The most effective way to increase your metabolism is strength or resistance training because muscle burns more calories than fat! Unlike fats, muscle is a metabolically active tissue, which means muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does pound-per-pound.

Just remember that adding muscle won’t transform you into a calorie-burning machine; it is just a strategy to lose those last few pounds.

Don’t skip your post-workout meal

There’s no denying that you might not feel hungry immediately following your workout session. In fact, intense workout sessions may crush your appetite for up to 90 minutes after the workout is complete.

However, eating after your workout session is extremely important, and it can be the reason why you just can’t lose those extra pounds! Eating a protein-packed snack containing enough carbs will grant you the nutrients your body needs to repair your muscles.

Make a food journal

If you can’t think of other ways to lose those last few pounds, try making a food journal and write down your food intake for a few days, you might be surprised! Sometimes, people don’t realise the occasional few bites here and there can accumulate. Therefore, it becomes a possible factor as to why you’re not losing weight completely.

To help you with this, try writing down your exact food intake. You may figure out that you’re actually nibbling more than you think.

Do less high-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training or HIIT has been proven to offer weight-loss benefits, and studies show that it’s not uncommon for people working out for weight loss to get too comfortable and happy with HIIT.

This may be unhealthy because when HIIT is done excessively, it can cause unpleasant side effects, such as extreme fatigue and soreness, trouble sleeping, and lack of motivation, which is unhelpful in losing those pounds.

Get enough sleep

Your tiresome workout session and healthy diet meal plans won’t be effective if you don’t get enough amount of sleep! Having not enough sleep seriously messes with your hunger hormones to spike, which makes losing those last few pounds impossible to get rid of.

Research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to crave fatty foods or sweets. Not only that, they will have a slower metabolism.


Losing those last few pounds is the most challenging part of your weight loss journey. However, if you’ve tried everything on the list of tips for how to get rid of those pounds and you still can’t say goodbye to them, maybe it’s time to switch up your routine!

If you have carefully followed a healthy diet, a proper meal timing plan, and workout sessions, but to no avail, you might want to try the TCM slimming method!

At Slim Couture, we’ve integrated the practice of traditional Chinese medicine methods into our program to help you get rid of those last few pounds effectively! This treatment helps remove body toxins from your system and boost your metabolism to safely get rid of the extra few pounds. Contact us to know more and start your weight loss journey with the best slimming centre in town!


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