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5 Exercises To Help Your Body Melt Unwanted Belly Fat Fast

Getting rid of belly fat may seem like an overwhelming goal that is almost impossible. While it is true there are other factors to consider such as eating properly, it seems to many of us that even carefully picking the right food to eat and doing countless hours of workouts don’t seem to yield the desired results with the fat around the belly.

The gut part is one of the most threatening places to store fat in the body, so it is important that we focus on this area. Let’s take a look at this part of our body and the exercises we can do to condition it.

Knowing your body

The fat in your stomach can be divided into two types – subcutaneous fat (resides under the skin) and visceral fat (the invisible type that resides below the surface and around internal organs).

Besides contributing to the layers of the belly, visceral fat has been proven to increase the risk of serious medical problems such as cardiac disease, malignancy, and diabetes. Unfortunately, this type of fat can be one of the hardest types to get rid of. Even when you exercise and eat healthily, it can seem like a stubborn fat around the gut wants to hold on for the long haul.

Why is your workout routine not working?

If you tried to do some exercises or eating healthy to get rid of your belly fat, you have probably observed that losing weight doesn’t get rid of the fats completely. This is because you can’t target belly fat directly when you eat a diet meal, but losing a few pounds can help you reduce your waistline!

There are various factors contributing to why you are having trouble with fat loss in the stomach area, such as age, workout routine, stress, diet, and alcohol intake. The key to this issue is to combine effective sets of exercises with the right nutrition. Here are a few abdominal exercises to do the magic.

1. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climber can be a rigorous workout. This is a powerful exercise because it allows your core to work intensively to keep your body straight and stable while you move your legs.

2. Burpees

Burpees is a fast-paced exercise that consist of transitioning from a push-up stance to a jump in the air and then going back again. This move hits every muscle from head to toe and can help burn belly fat fast.

3. Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slam requires the use of all the muscles between your neck and hips to work together. The strength and pace needed for this workout movement can increase your pulse rate and burn crucial tummy fat.

4. Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell swing is one of the best calorie-burning moves ever because it requires you to use fat-burning muscle groups like your hips, back, and quadriceps. Moving the kettlebell back and forth elevates your pulse rate and targets your core.

5. Dumbbell Lunge

Lifting a heavy dumbbell and doing lunge requires all the muscles in your upper body to work together and keep the core tight and weight in place. This exercise uses your back and butt which could contribute to getting rid of stomach fat.


There are several simple exercises (although some do require additional equipment) you can try to burn belly fat and achieve the slim body that you have always dreamed of. Losing weight may be a difficult and challenging process, but it is not impossible.

With the right mindset and following the right habits, you can certainly lose those extra pounds, feel confident, and live a healthier life.

If you are looking for a safe and healthy weight loss alternative, you can try our TCM slimming method. We offer effective weight loss programs that follow traditional Chinese medicine methods to help you achieve your body goal quickly.


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