Is Obesity Genetic?

If you have been struggling to kick some weight for a long time with no significant success, you might actually end up wondering if you are genetically predisposed to obesity. And the doubt may not be entirely baseless. If you have obesity running in the family, it could contribute towards making you overweight. Does that mean, slimming treatments do not stand a chance for those with”fat” genes? Well, that’s not true either! We look at some facts here.

Key Findings from Researches

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has come to the conclusion that people’s weight respond differently to the same environmental condition because genes do have a certain role to play in being overweight. However, it is also noted that some people with a genetic predisposition for obesity still succeed in remaining a slim body. This is simply because weight is also significantly affected by lifestyle factors. So, even if obesity runs in the family, you can still remain trim with the right lifestyle choices coupled with due support from suitable slimming treatments.

Supporting this theory, the Harvard School of Public Health reiterates that genes play a limited role in enhancing the risk of obesity in individuals. So, if you are putting on weight, it is perhaps the lifestyle and not entirely your genes to blame on.

Genetic Obesity May Need more Aggressive Corrective Measures

Scientists state that diet changes coupled with physical exercise are two major actions to undertake for losing excess weight. They also explain that those with a genetic inclination to become obese find it more difficult to burn fat and control their craving for sweet and high calorie foods. Therefore, realizing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle could be a bit more difficult for them. Similarly, there could be some genetic arrangements that prevent people from sensing that they are “full” and determine when to stop eating. These can also lead to obesity.

So, those with a genetic make for gaining weight fast should be prepared to work extra hard for countering these genes. They need to stay motivated for longer periods of time in order to achieve significant weight loss.

The Changing Environment is Making Matters Difficult

The environment is changing. However, since the change is occurring for everyone, people cannot question it. We are eating pizzas and burgers and indulging in processed foods almost regularly. We are oblivious about spending long hours at our work desk and being a couch potato! And we try to neutralize it all by killing ourselves on the treadmill, once in a while! What we must understand is that, every modern man or woman whose genetic data is being examined and analyzed is perhaps exposed to similar environment. And the ubiquity of the surroundings ends up masking its bad effects. As a result, genes are being held solely responsible for piling on extra kilos.

Genetic obesity is a fact. However, it can be effectively countered with right lifestyle choices and potent weight loss formulations. There is absolutely no reason to lose hope.


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