How to lose weight with traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back thousands of years. It works with a number of techniques like cupping, acupressure, Guasa and acupuncture. The principle of TCM revolves around strategic eating, massaging, diet, and body movement like going for walks. A holistic science, TCM slimming focuses more on the body’s energy balance than on mere calorie deficit. It diagnoses weight gain as the ‘deficiency of qi.’ If you want to lose weight with TCM, consider visiting a TCM slimming centre. There are a number of ways to lose weight, using TCM. Here’s a look.

Respect the body clock

Healthy habits are of the utmost importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Get up early and have a healthy breakfast early in the day. From seven to nine in the morning is believed to be the best time for digestion. The lunch should be moderate in amount, and the dinner even lighter.

Restore your Qi

Qi is the basis of a healthy body, in Chinese philosophy. However, constantly changing one’s dietary regime can stagnate the Qi, and lead to ‘dampness’, characterised by sluggishness, cravings, bloating, and even gas. Whole foods, fruits, and vegetables complement the Qi. Avoid drinking cold beverages. Visit a good slimming centre to determine the Qi harmony of your body.

Drink the right amount of water

Drinking enough water is an indispensable part of almost every weight loss program. Traditional Chinese Medicine advises drinking sufficient water as well. Warm water early in the morning, can help flush out toxins and clear the bowels. This is necessary to kick-start metabolism. However, avoid drinking too much water.

Use acupressure

Certain points on the human body, when pressed in the right manner, can suppress appetite. One such point is located near the ear canals of both of your ears. Simply pinch this area intermittently for about a minute, 15 minutes before a meal. This helps prevent overeating, especially if you are feeling a little too hungry.

Visit a good Chinese medicine slimming centre

It is better to figure out your weight loss program using Traditional Chinese Medicine at a slimming centre. TCM experts can guide you on diet management and exercise. You will benefit from special therapies like Guasha and cupping. TCM treatment can readjust the constitution of the body, and help prevent/control lifestyle diseases.

Get enough sleep

The TCM system believes that our bodies detoxify around 11 in the night. Sleeping late can have a negative impact on the detoxification process.

Replace coffee with tea

TCM slimming believes that coffee aggravates dampness and is phlegmatic. Instead, tea should be taken. Tea supports weight loss, prevents stagnant bowels, and keeps the Qi intact. Oolong tea is a popular alternative for weight loss.

Do not fill yourself while eating

Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends incorporating bitter foods in one’s diet. Bitter foods make it difficult to overeat and help to feel full. Do not eat too fast or while watching TV or using your phone. It is important to fully enjoy your food and feel satisfied without overeating. It is ideal to eat for about only 80% of your appetite


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