How to Avoid Weekend Weight-gain

Traditional weight loss advice often recommends having cheat days to people trying to lose weight. Some take it once every fortnight, where eating what you want and not working out to a reasonable extent is fine. However, skipping your weight loss regime on weekends can be dangerous. Studies have revealed that some people actually have a tendency to put on weight towards the end of the week. Here are some ways to avoid weekend weight-gain.

Stop compensating for sleep lost on weekdays

Often, you plan to compensate for the lost sleep by dozing off for longer than usual on weekends. This can seriously disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms, sending your hunger hormones into a tizzy. Sleeping late can not only cause cravings for calorie-laden food, but raise cortisol levels, adding to visceral fat.

To ensure that this does not happen, schedule your weekend visits to the slimming center in the morning. Do not have snacks or junk food for breakfast.

Don’t take complete workouts offs on weekends

Never treat exercise as punishment or compensation for a fatty diet. It should be enjoyable, creative, and something that you like to do on the weekends as well. Another idea is to reduce the intensity of your weekend workout, or take a break on Saturday for muscle recovery.

Remember your goals of weight loss and consult your physical trainer at the slimming center about different workouts to do throughout the week. One good idea is to opt for traditional Chinese treatment, which helps lose weight without strenuous exercise.

Keep your social outings food-free

For working people, weekends are for enjoyment and going out, but it need not make you put on weight. Plan social outings that are food and alcohol free, since even a few fried snacks and a can of beer can undo all the good work.
The best way to socialize is to go for activities like spa, movie outings, or cooking classes. Cut food out of weekend get-togethers and try to involve more of physical activity.

Avoid starving yourself on Friday

People that regularly binge on party food on the weekends, have a tendency to starve themselves on Fridays. However, doing this can be dangerous, as starving on Friday to avoid feeling guilty eating fatty food later can actually make one overeat. Eating less leads to hunger pangs, which makes you indulge in binge eating.
For this reason, one must construct a balanced diet plan for the entire week. Stock up on protein to feel full and regulate blood sugar.

Don’t be a couch potato

Lying all day on the bed or the couch is even worse than having a sedentary job. Research suggests that cutting down on sedentary time by just 20 minutes on the weekends can help lose 1.6% body fat annually. This proves that lack of physical activity on the weekends is directly related to weight gain.

A weekend getaway is a good way to unwind and get much-required physical activity. If not, you could simply take your dog for a stroll or visit your acupressure slimming center.


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