How Can Lemon Water Help You To Lose Weight?

Enthusiastic about effective slimming treatments? If you haven’t heard about lemon water for weight loss, then you might want to reconsider where you stand.

Lemon water is a perfect energy booster which helps limit your daily calorie intake. It hydrates your body and keeps you in a prolonged state of satiety. These two are basically the perfect combination for an effective weight loss.

Here are some of the mechanisms through which lemon water helps with weight loss:

Low calories

The juice of half a lemon, when squeezed and mixed with water, contains just about six calories.

This is the perfect substitute for high-calorie drinks such as soda or orange juice. Comparatively, one cup of orange juice with a capacity of 237 millilitres contains as much as 110 calories.

This means that taking lemon water helps you cut down to between 100 to 200 calories each day.

Boosts metabolism

Inside the body, metabolic processes take place at cellular levels inside organelles called mitochondria. The efficiency of the mitochondria is greatly enhanced by adequate hydration.

Lemon water provides the perfect amount of hydration needed to enhance the process of metabolism. Thus, it speeds up the process of weight loss.

Enhances satiety

The best strategy for losing weight is ensuring that you keep yourself satisfied for a longer time to minimize any unnecessary snacking.

According to research, drinking just half a litre of water before breakfast is enough to reduce the number of calories you will obtain from a meal by up to 13%. Hence, drinking lemon water before a meal has worked miracles for people who have tried it.

Amount to drink per day to lose weight

Based on the caloric counts mentioned above, it is clear that you only need one glass of lemon water containing 11 calories to save as much as 3500 calories per month. Maintaining this ratio may help you end up losing about 1 pound each month, which is very impressive.

If your body weight is less than 150 pounds, squeezing half a lemon into a glass containing between 8 and 12 ounces of water is just enough to yield impressive results.

Individuals weighing more than 150 pounds will similarly require the same amount of lemon juice, albeit taken twice daily.

You literally don’t have to overconsume lemon water. Too much water in your body may end actually up interfering with the normal physiology of fluid balance within the kidneys.

As much as lemon water is effective, you should stick a maximum of 12 ounces of lemon water taken once or twice daily depending on your weight.


Frankly, lemon water is similar to plain water in more ways than one, and they are almost equally beneficial.

However, what makes lemon water different is that it is rich in additional nutrients and can be considered an excellent supplement to even the best weight loss program in Singapore.

From nourishing your body, boosting your energy and priming your immune system, lemon water is beneficial to help your body lose weight effectively!


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