All You should Know about Side Effects of Diet Pills

Diet pills and easily available; and it is very tempting to believe what they claim to offer. They promise quick results with minimum efforts. You do not have to exercise regularly, fight your craving for junk foods, maintain a healthy diet, or visit a slimming center. All you need is to take some pills every day until you achieve your weight loss goal. Do they really work? Yes, some of them actually do, but the results are not sustainable, in most cases. Some pills even trigger several negative side effects. Before you decide on whether to use diet pills for weight loss, here are some important things to know.

How they work

There are different types of diet pills, with each of them working differently. Some pills stimulate the central nervous system to give a false sense of fullness in the stomach, while others help limit the amount of fat the body absorbs from foods. There another type that helps improve the body’s calorie burning capacity. One thing common in all is that they cause several harmful effects.

Physical effects

Long-term use of diet pills makes you susceptible to heart diseases and high blood pressure. According a recent study, regular consumption of these pills for some time makes one six times more prone to primary pulmonary hypertension. Some common symptoms of this disease include breathing difficulty, palpitations, and even a heart attack.


Most medical experts are skeptical about the tall claims made by slimming pill manufacturers. Once you start using the pills, you’ll not only discover how futile they are, but may also develop an addition to them. Some pills contain addictive elements. So taking them for some time make you addicted to them. You may feel uncomfortable or unwell after you stop using them.

Minor side effects

As already mentioned, some diet pills work by blocking fat absorption from foods. As a result, your body may not get even the necessary amount of fat, despite you having the right foods. This could cause you to suffer from vitamin deficiency and diseases like diarrhea. Other common side effects include headache, dry mouth, and a feeling of restlessness. Some patients may even experience lack of sleep and indigestion problems.

Major side effects

A lot of the side effects of diet pills go away once you stop taking the pills. However, if you take the pills for a long time, you may experience some major side effects. For instance, the feeling of restlessness may persist even after you stop taking the pills. Even worse, you may have other symptoms, such as, dizziness and insomnia, along with the feeling of irritation. If not treated with care, some patients may even experience respiratory failure, renal failure, and stroke. Some other serious side effects include acute chest pain, and convulsions. Do not neglect early treatment. Make sure you consult an experienced doctor as and when you experience any of these side effects.

If you want to lose weight without any risk or side effects, consider visiting a slimming center that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Slimming.

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