4 Different Weight Loss Diets That Have Been Proven To Work

Most weight loss programs abide by the same standard: regular exercise, healthy diet and good sleep. Arguably, the hardest one out of these 3 would be to alter your diet to one that is healthier. To do so means acclimating to new tastes and retraining your palate whilst denying unhealthy foods that might’ve given you joy before. In fact, we are wired to prefer sweet-tasting foods over bitter ones, which stands to reason why vegetables aren’t the go-to options for most of us.

That said, you’re looking for diets that can help you shed a few pounds, you may want to consider any of the 4 diets below.

Low Carb Diet

The first diet is one that most would jump right in if they wish to lose weight. This popular diet requires you to limit all carb intakes to 20-150 grams per day, which roughly amounts 1-9 large potatoes respectively. Eating fewer carbs meant that your body would now need to tap onto the fats that are stored in your body as a source of energy.

What you should eat: The diet requires you to limit your carb intake, but this also means unlimited amounts of protein, food and vegetables. Remember to balance each type of foods lest your body needs to deal with other complications.

What to expect: This diet is not popular if not for their results. The low carb diet is effective if you wish to lose weight and especially if you wish to shed your belly fat. That said, whilst this diet is safe for the majority, be warn that there are side effects that you need to take note of. Such side effects include an increase in LDL cholesterol, risk of nondiabetic ketoacidosis and a significant drop in insulin and sodium.

Atkins Diet

Coming close to the low-carb diet is the Atkins diet that gets rid of carbs altogether. This helps you to cut down your calories intake whilst simultaneously reducing your appetite. The Atkins diet starts with limiting your carbs to 20 grams every single day for two weeks before reintroducing healthy carbs as you slowly get closer to your weight goal.

What to expect: Studies showed that the Atkins diet is much more effective than your regular low-fat diets, should you wish to shed a few pounds. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of heart ailments whilst simultaneously improve your health markers such as HDL cholesterol and blood sugar.

Keto Diet

Similar to the previous two diets, the Keto diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet. Likewise, you’ll have to reduce your carb consumption and replace it with fat. Your body will then look to your stored fats for fuel, where a portion will turn into ketones in the liver to supply energy to the brain.

What to expect: The Keto diet allows you to lose 2.2 times more weight compared to a low carb diet. With this diet, you’d lower your blood sugar levels, improve your insulin levels and reduce the chances of diabetes and prediabetes, among other ailments.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet requires you to fill your diet with ingredients that could only be attained during hunting and gathering. This means limiting foods that became common due to the advancements in farming and agriculture technology. The ideology centres around the idea that most modern diseases arose due to the consumption of grains, dairy and processed foods – foods that cropped up due to the advancement of technology. Thus, the healthier choice would be to rid these foods from your diet.

What you should eat: There’s a great emphasis on whole foods, lean meats such as skinless chicken and red meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Flexible Paleo diets allow dairy and tubers such as potatoes and sweet potatoes but you’ll have to avoid processed foods, dairy and sugar for the most part.

What to expect: Most dieters will enjoy significant weight loss and a thinner waistline, seeing as how they’d be eating fewer carbs, calories and more protein. For healthwise, the Paleo diet is effective when reducing the risk for heart ailments such as heart attack and high blood pressure.


Since everybody’s body composition is different, you’ll have to figure which will suit you best. This requires multiple testings and tweakings to get a diet that you can stick throughout the entire weight loss journey. You may also want to consider signing up for weight loss treatments, such as TCM slimming treatments, to give you a boost and help you lose weight a tad faster.

Due to the current Circuit Breaker measures, we will be temporarily ceasing all physical operations until further notice. As we wait in anticipation to serve you and aid you in your journey, do remember to maintain proper hygiene and healthy lifestyle.


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