Why Choose Slim Couture? Slimming Machines: Do They Really Work?

Why choose Slim Couture over other forms of machine-based slimming treatments and therapies?

If you’re a woman who’s been battling the dreaded fats all your life, I’m very sure that you might have once considered machine-based slimming treatments, or even been persuaded to sign expensive packages at slimming centres and spent thousands of dollars in the hope of being able to lose weight via “slimming machines”.

But if you’re looking for effective and permanent weight loss, here’s why you should choose Slim Couture over other machine-based slimming treatments!

Slim Couture TCM

1. Machine-Based Treatments Only Target Selective Areas

When doing machine-based treatments, you’ll realise that you have to spend thousands of dollars signing up for a package that is only be able to target that one area (perhaps your thighs, or your tummy) during your treatments. This may not be effective especially if you have a lot of weight from all over to lose!

That is.. If you even see any results in the first place. I have personally experienced so many different kinds of slimming therapies with high expectations, but ended up feeling disappointed when there were no visible results!

But with Slim Couture’s Divine Slim TCM slimming treatments, you will be able to drop inches from every part of your body, and see tremendous improvement in your silhouette at the same time. This is so much more effective than machine-based treatments for sure!

2. Your Weight/Measurements Will Rebound Easily With Machine-Based Treatments

Many machine-based treatments claim to zap the fats away, and also help in losing the inches. But even if you do lose that 1-2 inches, how sustainable will it be once you end your machine-based treatments, with no change to your diet or lifestyle?

What many people do not realise that having a high metabolism rate is vital in maintaining a healthy weight, but machine-based treatments will NOT be able to improve your metabolism! This is why we recommend Slim Couture: Our tried and tested TCM-based slimming treatments not only help you gain that svelte new silhouette you’ve always wanted, it actually improves your body’s constitution and metabolism for permanent weight loss to stay!

Of course, we also have our friendly therapists who will guide you in your new healthy-eating habits, and to teach you how to eat right to stay slim and slender!

3. Divine Slim is 100% Natural & Effective!

Instead of being hooked up to machines that have potential risks and dangers (such as post-treatment swelling, tenderness, numbness and more), why not choose Slim Couture? There are no side effects from Divine Slim’s holistic TCM-based slimming treatments, and we can promise you immediate results that are guaranteed! Trust us when we tell you from experience that machine-based treatments does not work on every person, but Divine Slim does!

What we can promise is you, 100% effective and safe weight loss! Now, you can drop a size in a month, GUARANTEED AND FUSS FREE!


Miss Tian, lost a total of 9.3kg and an overall centimetres loss of 36.4cm after going through ‪#‎scjourney‬!

“It took me awhile to decide to take on ‪#‎divineslim‬ programs with Slim Couture as I tried to source for cheaper alternatives to slim down. However, I realised that Slim Couture does not only makes us lose our fats and unwanted weight in a healthy way, it gives our body shape a beautiful silhouette as well! I have referred 7 of my friends to Slim Couture so far as all of them are so surprised by the amazing transformation that I have went through!” ~Miss Tian


Miss Chin, lost a total of 10.3kg an and overall centimeters loss of 53.4cm with ‪Divine Slim treatments!

“I’ve always been wearing loose clothes and dresses so that all my fats and bulging tummy can be camouflaged! Saying thank you is never enough to express my gratitude towards Slim Couture. I’ve transformed from an obese lady to a healthier and more confident lady now! Anyone out there who has weight issues- SLIM COUTURE IS YOUR SOLUTION!” ~Miss Chin

Slim Couture prides itself in providing 100% weight loss results through their TCM slimming treatments. Unlike many other slimming treatments, it is:



Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing successful weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010.

With its client-oriented approach and quality services, Slim Couture has been awarded the Singapore Quality Brands 2013/2014 and the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014.

For a free consultation and body/weight analysis or to find out how TCM can help you slim down quickly and healthily!

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