Top Weight Loss Drinks To Lose Weight Effectively

Take your mind off exercise and food to focus on what you should drink to lose weight. Here are top weight lossdrinks that will help you lose extra weight.


Water not only quenches your thirst but also helps in weight loss, topping the list of weight loss drinks. Water boosts your metabolism and cleanses your body. Research had proven that drinking water before a meal ate less and subsequently lost more weight than those that did not. Here are some suggestions to increase water intake and lose weight by drinking water.

  • Drink water before your meal to reduce food intake.
  • Drink water when you feel the cravings for calorie-rich drinks.
  • Adding some fruits to provide more flavours to your water might convince you to drink more.

Fruit Juice

Consuming fruit juice will help you to lose weight, as they are a healthier alternative compared to carbonated drinks. Here, you have a large variety of fruit juice to choose from, reducing the chances of you growing tired of drinking them. Go for natural fruit juices and drink them fresh. Avoid processed fruit juices or those with high sugar and calories content.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is yet another juice that helps in weight loss. Your appetite will be suppressed, and you get the required nutrients and fibre to keep you going strong. Additionally, you may feel fuller for a longer period. Go for vegetable juices that are low in sodium. Other health benefits you derive from drinking vegetable juice include an increase in energy and improved immune system. Opt for juice made from raw vegetables to lose weight and enjoy other health benefits and avoid processed vegetable juices.

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea are well known. One of the main advantages, of course, is weight loss. Green tea boosts your metabolism. When your metabolism is faster, more calories can be burned, although the extent of the effect is dependent on the individual. EGCG in green tea cuts down the absorption level of fats you consume. Drinking green tea may also curb your appetite, leading to fewer calories being consumed.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has always been recommended for weight loss. Lemon is rich in acidic content, which lowers sugar absorption from the foods you consume. The lower level of sugar intake means that you will have a lesser amount of sugar converted into fat. Furthermore, lemon juice helps in absorption of calcium, which is stored in fat cells and enhances the ability to burn fat. Lemon juice reduces your hunger pangs due to the pectin present in lemon.

While weight loss can be achieved by drinking these juices, it is always best to exercise regularly. That would not only quicken the results but also keep you healthy.


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