How To Know You’re Gaining Weight (When You Don’t Realize It)

Just when you thought to yourself.. Phew! Christmas is over! The feasting has ended. My waistline can go back to normal, and my diet can resume! I can work towards that svelte figure I told myself I’d get in 2016.

Well, not so fast! Just one mere month after the Christmas season, comes Chinese New Year. This Asian celebration is not to be underestimated… the festivities usually last for at least a week for most Chinese people, with intense binge eating and reckless gorging happening during most of those days. It’s impossible not to stuff your face with delicious treats like cassava chips, pineapple tarts, grandma’s cooking and steamboat food! Since most of these foods only make a rare appearance once annually, why would we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy them while we can? With all your relatives and friends gathered under one roof, there’s bound to be a lot of eating. If there’s one thing Asian parents are good at besides disciplining their children, it’s over-feeding their children. Don’t know about you guys, but I’m not allowed to walk away from the dining table until I’ve been stuffed silly at every reunion dinner!

Pretty sure any normal human being would feel heavier and bloated after Chinese New Year. You’re almost certain that you have piled on a few extra kilos. But how do you know for sure, without stepping on the scale because you don’t have one at home?! Most people may not have the habit of weighing themselves regularly, so we thought we’d come up with a list of ways to know you’re gaining weight.. especially when you’re not realizing it! Are these telltale signs creeping up on you? If they are, perhaps it’s time to do something about those new found chubs!


Your skin tight jeans and clothes don’t fit right anymore.

Clothes are a constant in our lives – we wear them every single day. So there’s no excuse to be given when your staple underwear which used to fit nicely now feels too tight, or when that well-fitting jeans give you a bulging muffin top. Skin tight clothes are pretty much one of the best ways to tell if you’ve packed on a few extra pounds or not, because we always remember when we look good in that ONE super tight outfit, and get disappointed when we don’t anymore. Did you use to look great in that bodycon dress, but now find one too many bulges on your body to consider it attractive?


Relatives have a ball pointing out & poking fun at how “fortunate” you look, during Chinese New Year visiting.

If you are a chubby person, all hell breaks loose during Chinese New Year. Your relatives will probably go to town with all the teasing remarks, especially if you are significantly younger than them! As a child, they’ll come and pinch your cheeks and go “sooo cute!”. Then when you’re slightly older, the remarks will probably lessen to a more subtle degree: “Wow, life has been good recently, hasn’t it?” When an Asian relative playfully asks you if life has been good, they’re not actually asking you if life has been good. They’re asking how come you’re so fat now.


You avoid taking photos because you don’t like the way you look.

Low self-esteem, apart from actual physical problems, is probably the worst side effect of weight gain. If you’re avoiding taking any self-portraits or group photos, you’re probably not that comfortable with your appearance and feeling lousy about the way you look. Life is too short to live it hiding yourself.


Sucking in your gut becomes a natural reflex, because somehow, it always seem to stick out now.

What happens to everyone after a buffet? Our stomach bulges out! Even if you’re not actually fat, as soon as you over-consume and binge for just one meal, your stomach is likely to stick out from being expanded more than it is used to / meant to. It’s okay to have a bulging stomach after the occasional heavy meal, but if it is constantly hanging out and you find yourself having to consciously contract the muscle to keep it in, you have a problem..


You are bloated all the time.

Bad eating habits are highly associated with weight gain. And bloated-ness is a direct effect from bad eating habits and poor lifestyle choices. When you keep stuffing your face with food, especially at a quantity much higher than your required amount, you’ll feel bloated.


Your energy level has hit an all-time low.

Eating food gives you energy. But eating too much food at one go doesn’t give you an outburst of energy, in fact it might do the very opposite – overeating can make you feel tired and needlessly lethargic. Your body gets so overwhelmed by the influx of food and working to digest it, that it goes into a sluggish mode. This happens frequently when you consume a high amount of carbohydrates. Overweight people feel tired all the time because their body is not in an ideal physical condition and their diets are poor.


Round is now the shape of your face.

Apart from our stomachs, the next most common place for fats to appear when we gain weight would probably be our faces. If your jawline starts getting less prominent and more round, it can only mean one thing – you’ve made food too much of your best friend recently. Even if you don’t wear tight clothing or notice how your body looks in the mirror often.. surely you can tell just by one look at your own face!


Hunger pangs & sugar cravings hit you more than just a few times a day.

Your meals should not just be adequately portioned and timed, but also nutritionally beneficial. When you don’t eat at the right timings, or eat the right amount of fibers, grains & protein, you can gain weight easily. If you’re always eating and yet always hungry, you’re not eating the right food (or you are one of those rare people gifted with crazy metabolism). When we eat junk food, our stomach fills up temporarily but it doesn’t get the required nutrients, so we feel hungry again too soon after. Your stomach is a muscle that expands when its overfilled. So the more you overeat, the more often you’ll find yourself starving at random intervals. The best way to avoid this is to not binge eat and always regulate your timings for meals.


Recognize one or more of these signs in your life?

There’s no better time to start working on it, than right now. One year later, you’ll wish you had started today. Be it changing your lifestyle, diet, or picking up a new exercise regime and even trying out the highly popular Divine Slim treatment at Slim Couture which uses beneficial Traditional Chinese Medicine methods to get your body back in shape, we wish you the best for the rest of your 2016!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to all our friends & clients! We wish that you’ll have a HUAT-ful year ahead, and may everything in your life prosper.. except your waistline!!!

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