Slim Couture was founded by two ladies who share a common vision - to help women attain slim and slender figures.
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What they say...

Sharon Ng

After secondary school, I stopped exercising and ate whatever I wanted. After a couple of years, my metabolism started to slow down and I started to put on weight. I didn’t realize how fat I was until I realize I can’t fit into my dresses and when I buy new ones, I could only get size L.

I didn’t feel good and secure about myself. I look huge in a swimsuit! Most importantly I wanted to look good on my wedding photos and wedding day.

But I saw what the diet and treatment did for me and it was good. My relatives who used to always say I’m fat said the money is well worth it!

After graduating from the program, I’m no longer strictly following a diet but there is no visible difference in my figure and my friends who see me are still remarking on my weight loss success! I actually miss getting a good gua sha as it works so well for my water retention and cellulite.

 I was happy that I lost about 10kg after four months of slimming and could wear back my size S clothes. I looked good in the dresses that I like but couldn’t fit in last time.  Family and friends praised that my wedding photos looks great and I’m glad not much photoshop was needed.

*Results may vary base on individuals.

Kelly Phua

I have been struggling with my weight ever since I hit puberty. During puberty, I started having very bad skin allergies that would spread all over my body and up to my scalp, thus I was exempted from P.E classes and was advised not to do any form of activities that made me sweat. Neither was I allowed to swim. Due to the lack of exercise, my weight kept increasing over the years. I gained the most weight when I was pursuing an interior design course for 3 years. During that 3 years, sleep was hard to come by and a proper meal was even harder to come by. My friends and I would usually skip meals or go for things that are quick to consume like bread, subway and even fast food coupled with lots of coffee (up to 5 cups a day). In that 3 years, I managed to disgustingly gain 8kgs. I went on to take up a pastry course and started working. As my weight is putting a lot of stress on my ankles, I went to work with either wearing ankle guard or taking pain killers because my job requires me to stand for more than 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week. I was determined to really fix my weight, or else there is no way for me to continue being a chef.

After googling online, I decided to give Slim Couture a try. The diet plan is pretty easy to stick to (no starving required) and the treatments are all natural and non invasive.

After about 2 months, I am happy to say that I have lost about 9 kg and I don’t feel as if my ankle is dying on me anymore. Slim Couture has not only helped me with losing weight, but also with my confidence level and self esteem.

*Results may vary base on individuals.


Angeline Ong

I used to be 45kg in my 20s but however, as age catches up and with the decrease in metabolism rate, I become a plump lady weighing abt 57kg in my early 30s. Irregardless of how hard i curbed my appetite, took on to exercise and even till the extent of taking slimming pills/ tea (trying anything just to find hope), nothing happened. I became depressed and am always not able to sleep well at night and ended up always feeling lethargic during the day. My friend saw what I was going through and she shared with me about her successful weight loss journey with Slim Couture

I was skeptical about it initially as I felt heart pained to spend money on going through slimming but I’ve witnessed the transformation in my friend and thus, I decided to give it a shot! I signed up 20 sessions with Slim Couture, with a discipline to visit them 2x a week. It was so amazing, I started my 1st session on a Monday and on my 2nd session which was a Friday, I’ve lost a whopping 1.2kg! No more wasting money on slimming pills that won’t work forever and no more sleepless night. I am so much happier as life is never like the past anymore. I weighs 45kg now and I’m still maintaining my weight even though I’ve graduated from Slim Couture for more than a year! 

*Results may vary base on individuals.


Charmaine Yong

My very first gynecologist told me that I should eat whatever I want and that I am able to lose weight very easily by breastfeeding after birth. Believing the myth, I was happily indulging with my meals and finally, realised that it wasn’t applicable to me.

Having 3 children within 6 years, and having to gain 20-25kg per pregnancy was rather alot. Plus the fact that I hadn’t been able to go back any closer to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I had tried many ways to diet like eating lesser or tried to skip meals, sliming pills or formulated milkshakes, did not seemed to work for me until my friend recommended Slim Couture to me.

I was skeptical and I wasn’t sure if this would really work for me.

But to my suprise, my stagnant weight of 70kg for the past 6 years, had gone down to 60kg within 3 months. A 10kg weight loss was a miracle to me and I never did expect this would ever happened. I am now down by 2 sizes and buying clothes online was not a hindrance anymore.

Slim Couture uses TCM method of “guasha” and “baguan”, which helps to detox and regulated the body system. And with its simple recommended healthy diet, these sessions had benefited me in many ways.

Thank you to Slim Couture for making this happen to me.

*Results may vary base on individuals.


Kitty Tan

Slim Couture has changed my life in just 3 months!

Obesity has been my lifelong demon in my family. My father is overweight. My mother is overweight. My brother is overweight. And you guessed it. I am overweight. Standing at just 1.52m in height, I’m simply a walking (sometimes bouncing) blob.

My heaviest was 75kg in my late teens — BMI at 32.5.

I managed to lose some weight in my 20s but only managed to maintain at about 65-68kg — BMI at 29.

Being the opposite of a sports fanatic, I wanted to seek the easiest way out to lose more weight. I have tried diet pills, supplements, blah blah blah. Sure I did lose a few kilos initially but ballooned back when I stopped. I was near surrendering to the fatty devil and accepting the fact that this is what I am.

My turning point came in July 2014 when I saw a Facebook post of my friend’s , showing that he lost 8kg in a month after undergoing a TCM detox/ weight management program. My jaws dropped. I immediately contacted him for more details. He told me about the Divine Slim treatment, which he assured me was 100% natural and healthy. The treatment will, in the long run, benefit me as it’s done using a very healthy TCM process.

I went down to the branch for a free consultation. The staffs are super patient and friendly. And I embarked on a 3 months’ program.

By November 2014, I had lost 12 kg — BMI at 23.8. I looked like a different person. And I felt confident.

I generated numerous wows and gasps from family, relatives and friends.

It was money extremely well spent.

Now, 2 months later, I’m still maintaining my weight. My appetite and intake have since changed to be healthier. I have become more conscious of what goes into my mouth. I now minimise the intake of processed food (I used to LOVE bacon, spam and sausages… like REALLY LOVE), and make sure I have enough greens in my meals, and at least 2L water everyday.

When one feels confident and looks good, life seems to be more beautiful and everything just seems more colorful.

*Results may vary base on individuals.


Emily Lim

I got to know about Slim Couture through bloggers and was a little skeptical at first but fast forward 3 months, it has been nothing short of a blessing to start on Slim Couture with their cupping slimming.  Despite all the constant eating in Bangkok and Korea, I’ve lost a total of 8 kgs and 10cm off my waist! The diet, which consists of a low carbs and loaded with high fibre rich fruits made me feel better overall and I no longer experience food comas after meals. My complexion has greatly improved after going through the treatments! Last but not the least, the consultants at the Singapore shopping centre have been really encouraging and motivating and I guessed I won’t be able to pull through the program without their constant encouragement! Thank you Ladies and Slim Couture!

*Results may vary base on individuals.


Aedan 江韩文

Mummy Trinity

“I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans after 12 sessions with Slim Couture! My hubby and friends commented that I look prettier now compared to before I gave birth to my 2 lovely kids. Guess that’s what makes a woman happy afterall.”

*Mummy Trinty lost a total of 10kg in 6 weeks (* Results may vary base on the individual)

Miss Tan

“I must admit that Divine Slim’s treatment really works! Though I did not follow the restricted diet that they prescribed for me, I still managed to shed a total of 18cm and 3kg after 8 sessions! I look more shapely now. Thank you Slim Couture!”

*Miss Tan lost a total of 3kg and 18cm in 4 weeks (* Results may vary base on the individual)

Miss Chua, Cabin Crew

“My thighs have always been a big headache for me. I’ve been to several slimming centres before but the maximum that I could lose on my thighs were only 1 inch each. Upon seeing how successful my friend was in loosing some extra pounds, I decided to give slimming centres a last shot with Slim Couture. To my surprise, after 8 sessions (1 month), I lost 13cm on each of my thighs! Even my colleagues commented that I look much better in my Kebaya now! Miracle is, after I stopped the treatment, my weight still drops bit by bit everyday, though I’m back to my normal diet. I will definitely recommend all my friends with weight issues or concerned areas to visit Slim Couture.”

*Miss Chua, lost a total of 3.4kg and 41cm on tummy, thighs and arms (* Results may vary base on the individual)