Slim Couture, a homegrown company in Singapore, has dedicated itself to helping people to lose weight safely by following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With its signature weight loss program — Divine SlimTM, Slim Couture has established itself by providing successful weight loss program and slimming solutions to clients, both male and female, with weight issues since 2010. Slim Couture has been recognised by the public and has won various awards: Promising SME 500, Singapore Quality Brands and Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award. The awards we have received serves as evidence to prove that Slim Couture is a reputable brand that can help you look your best.

Signature Weight Loss Program – Divine SlimTM

Fast, powerful, effective.

Shed unwanted fat with our revolutionary slimming treatment, Divine SlimTM.

This effective slimming technique makes full use of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve one’s general health and metabolism. With the benefits of TCM, it leaves you with an all-natural weight loss treatment that guarantees quick and sustainable results. Furthermore, one of the most outstanding uniqueness of this program is that it is effective without requiring the use of supplements, machines or extreme diets. Thus, Divine SlimTM is one of the best ways for you to become healthier while losing unwanted weight.

Benefits of Divine SlimTM

  • Helps with weight loss
  • Provides stress relief
  • Effective in improving your overall health
  • Reduced chance of diabetes
  • Improved sleep
  • Many more benefits can also be achieved by trying this revolutionary slimming procedure
Singapore Slimming

Money-Back Guarantee

Safe, natural and sustainable results.

Divine SlimTM treatment promises that you will reach your desired weight loss results and even offers a money-back guarantee.

The signature slimming treatment incorporates the natural qualities found in TCM to give you the best and immediate results – all without the use of diet supplements, or radical diet changes.

Contact us at +65 6534 0747 and get ready to look sexy again at our centre.

The Treatment Schedule

We offer standard treatment plans at our centre, though results may vary for each individual.
8 treatment sessions in 28 days, twice per week.
12 treatment sessions in 42 days, twice per week.
Treatment schedules at our centre can also be tailored to suit your personal requirements.
For those who are overweight by more than 10kg, we suggest that additional treatment sessions be added for further reduction in weight. Upon consultation, our staff will recommend the number of treatments you should undergo for the best results.

Slimming down has always been an unhealthy task for me especially in my line of work. I use to go on extreme diets just to achieve what I needed to. Needless to say as we age our metabolism slows down and before I know it, I gain back what I lost in just a short while. Having experienced Slim Couture's signature Divine Slim treatment, I was surprised to find that the program was so easy and no need for any supplements. What surprised me further was the weight loss results I achieved after just 2 months! I definitely feel lighter, healthier and more energetic. I find the program effective and recommendable coz I'm now into my 6th month post program and am proud that the weight loss is maintained despite going back to my normal lifestyle and habits. That's definitely a big WOW for me.

Mr Cavin Soh 苏梽诚

Slim Couture uses TCM method for slimming. So far after 8 sessions, I have lost about 6kg*. The staff are all very friendly and you don't have to worry about being pushed to buy products or packages.

Miss Audrey‎

Thanks to the TCM slimming (Guasha & Baguan), I'm able to cleanse my body thoroughly and shed off unwanted fat! I used to binge on everything I see and resulted in a tummy with 4 levels of fats!! It's a burden to carry that fat around and it's really a disappointment whenever I looked at myself in the mirror. Hence, I would never wear any tight dresses.

Miss Jing Ting

I was skeptical about slimming with Slim Couture using TCM methods as I had tried several ways to slim down, like acupuncture, but I just wasn’t able to lose weight. I weighed 69kg when I started my treatment in October and barely 2 months in I already weigh 59kg*. Fat% went down from 35% to 29%. The therapists over at China Square Central are all very professional and nice. They stand by me and gave me encouragement during the toughest period in the beginning.

Miss Hazel Sim

I have lost 8kg* after 15 sessions with them. I lost a total of 23.5cm in total from my arms, waist and thighs. I have neither loose skin nor stretchmarks although I lost so much weight in such a short period.

Miss Gwen

My colleague looked stunning, totally confident and full of poise after having seemingly lost weight! I was curious so I asked, and she shared her secret - Slim Couture, with its doable diet coupled with guasha and cupping. Hmm...sounds achievable! So I went, I saw and I conquered!

Miss Ginger Kat

* Results vary from person to person

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