Slim Couture Transformation: Yina Goh “How I Lost 8kg in 2 Months!”

Have you always been chubby and fat since you were young?

Yina Goh at age 17, weighing 63-65kg

You might not believe it, but our svelte and beautiful Slim Couture Ambassador Yina Goh used to be teased for being fat all her life!

Yina says:

I put on weight rapidly during puberty and from Sec 1 to Sec 4 I actually put on weight from 50kg to 62kg!

That’s friggin’ 12kg omg.

I was called various names by people around me and was also compared to the celebrity Chen Li Ping cos people would joke that I looked like her (or rather her size….)

If you’ve been fat before, you’d understand what it feels like la. It’s really very hurting to be called names and laughed at for being fat.

One incident I shared in my blog post is about how when I was in Sec 2, me and a bunch of neighbors were all hanging out together, and one of the boys got teased for “liking” me

He immediately responded with, “Huh, why would I like Yina, she is so ugly and fat?”

Although Yina managed to successfully lose 10-12kg 8 years ago, the weight slowly came back over the years.


Yina and her husband Jerry  both put on weight after too much holidaying and feasting after their wedding was over.. At their heaviest, they were 58.8kg and 84kg respectively!

Yina was horrified to step on the weighing scale a few months ago to realise that she had put on 4kg since her wedding in January 2015, and was weighing more than 58kg! That was when she decided to start her 2-month programme with Slim Couture, with a target goal of losing 8kg to hit her ideal target weight of 50kg.

Yina says:

Having excess weight on you doesn’t just affect how you look. It was making me feel lousy about myself. In such an image-conscious industry, I was constantly surrounded by good-looking people who were slim and gorgeous and well-dressed, and I wanted to be like them too. I wish I could look as good as they did. I felt disgusted with myself for eating, and for being fat. And that, I think, was the most unhealthy thing, ever.

Yina and Jerry embarked on their 2-month programme on 17th April.

After just 16 sessions of Divine Slim TCM treatments with Slim Couture, both Yina and Jerry achieved incredible results!

Yina lost 8kg and Jerry lost 12kg!

No meal replacements, no diet pills, no crash diets, no exercise, but 100% through Slim Couture’s Divine Slim TCM programme and recommended food plan!


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Yina says:

In two months with Slim Couture, I successfully lost off all the weight I put on and even MORE, to achieve a weight I never ever thought I would see on the weighing scale again! Together with me, YZ lost over 10kg with Slim Couture’s treatments as well.

I finally achieved my weight-loss goal of 50KG!

For someone who’s been overweight since puberty, you cannot imagine what it feels like to finally hit a pre-puberty weight. The last time I was 50kg was when I was 13 years old, 15 years ago!! To see that number on the scale seemed like an impossible dream, but I did it with Slim Couture.

What helped me a lot were the regular weight-ins and measurements twice a week: Seeing real results happening every session with my weight and measurements going down progressively and steadily over the two months was a huge motivation to carry on working hard to achieve my target weight.

Without Slim Couture, I don’t think I’d be able to have that willpower and determination to keep up with the weight loss! Knowing that my progress was being tracked and having a goal to work towards as well as a game plan to follow gave me the resolve to stay committed towards my weight loss target.

Jerry says:

Yes I’m back fit and healthy again… Put on hell lots of weight after wedding, honeymoon period, Chinese New Year but I’m glad I’m even slimmer now compared to how I looked on my wedding day….

Thanks to ‪#‎divineslim‬ @slimcouturesg for showing me the right way to diet and after going through their slimming programme for 2 months exactly, I’m finally back to my fittest self! Pictures will never lie!

Thanks to Slim Couture for bringing me back once again and I am really thankful that I’m good looking again!

Congratulations to the good-looking couple on successfully achieving their weight loss goals with Slim Couture, and we are proud to be part of your success!

If you’re curious to read more on Yina and Jerry’s experiences with Divine Slim TCM slimming treatments, read Yina’s blog post and Dayre post by clicking on the respective links!

Slim Couture prides itself in providing 100% weight loss results through their TCM slimming treatments. Unlike many other slimming treatments, it is:



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Slim Couture is featured on Simply Her June 2015!


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