How To Reach And Maintain Ideal Weight

The ideal weight for women varies and is based on her height, gender, and age. For some women, achieving weight loss in Singapore is a difficult journey, while for others maintaining that weight is the struggle.

Here are a few steps that will ensure you reach that ideal weight and maintain it:


The first step to reaching your ideal body weight is self-assessment. First, you must weigh yourself. Next, go online and find an ideal body weight calculator to determine the ideal weight for someone your height, gender and age. Compare it to what you actually weigh and subtract it from that amount. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, and the ideal weight for someone your age, gender, and height is 150 pounds, you need to lose about 50 pounds to achieve your ideal body weight. Simple right?

Next, look in the mirror. What areas of your body is the fat concentrated in? Is it your stomach? Your thighs? Your butt? Your arms? This will help you to find the best weight loss program in Singapore to suit your needs.

You can now move on to step two.


Now that you know what you weigh and how much you should weigh, set goals. These goals should be realistic and attainable in the amount of time you have set for yourself. The long-term goal, in this case, would be the 50 pounds, but short-term monthly goals should also be set to keep track of your progress.

Knowing how much weight you want to lose is one thing, but your approach to doing so is another. Do you plan to approach it on your own with diet and exercise, or would you enroll in a slimming center for the best slimming treatment Singapore has to offer? Find the best approach for your individual needs by doing the proper research.


Now that you have found the best approach for yourself, it is time to commit to it. Work hard both inside and outside of the gym to shed weight, but also diet and make some lifestyle changes. Another smart move is to incorporate other weight loss methods, such as visiting a slimming center where you can use technology to slim and shape your body. A combination of various methods will help you to achieve your goals faster, so be open-minded.


The most common mistake made by women and men who have undergone weight loss in Singapore is stopping treatment, exercise, and diet once they’ve hit their target. You cannot do this if you want to maintain your ideal weight. It is not a one-time thing and if you stop doing what you had done to lose the weight, you will find yourself back in the same position as you were before. Weight loss requires commitment and if you cannot commit, you cannot expect to succeed.

Women across the world struggle with weight problems. It is frustrating to put in the sweat, energy and more importantly money into weight loss products and services only to see little or no results. Thankfully these tips are foolproof and will help you to both lose that weight and maintain an ideal body weight.


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